Audience at the National Finals, 2014
The audience is enjoying the National FameLab 2014! ©

Photos: A.Barysiene

Family and friends are encouraged to come along and lend support to competing FameLabbers.

By joining the crowd you can create a lively atmosphere for the contestants to deliver their talk to and you will even get to choose your favourite talk at the end. The audience prize is completely independent of the judge’s decision so your vote really counts! Come along, join in, get involved! 

The National Finals this year is at 2pm, May 23rd at the Science Communication and Information Centre of Vilnius University (Sauletekio av.5, Vilnius).

Come and enjoy the FameLab Lithuania 2015!

If you're planning to attend the finals, just drop us an email: 

We'll start the registration for the finals soon. Watch out this space!