We run admission tests for candidates holding foreign qualifications who wish to study or work in specific fields in the UK.

For registration information for BMAT, ELAT, STEP, TSA or any other Cambridge admissions papers, please visit the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Tests official website.

How do you register?

Please contact our Examination Services by email or telephone +370 5 246 2959 if you want to register for the test, or if you want to take any other Admissions Testing Service test.

How much does it cost?

Exam Cost Late entry
STEP 170 € 183 €
BMAT 135 € 179 €
CAT (2 papers), HAT, PAT, TSA, ELAT, MLAT  75 €  
CAT (1 paper), OLAT, PHIL  55 €  
MAT 100 €