Partner – Vilnius Social Club
Duration – 2019–2021
Region – Vilnius, Naujininkai district

Naujininkai differs from other Vilnius districts. Due to its history and geographical location, the district features a significant concentration of social and economic issues such as poverty, lack of youth employment, and social exclusion among families and individuals. Furthermore, although progress has been made in recent years, problems remain. 

In 2019, a team from the Vilnius Social Club team initiated the Teenagers’ Club project to serve young people from the Naujininkai district who face social exclusion and challenges at school or home, while lacking basic learning or social skills. The club has become a safe space where young people aged 12 to 15 years can acquire essential life skills, enhance their communication and receive comprehensive support in dealing with everyday challenges. 

The social workers of the club engage with a group of 7 young people for a year, meeting three times per week for three-hour sessions. By participating in common activities such as the preparation of meals, organising trips and playing games, the children learn to communicate with one another, build relationships, resolve conflicts, respect rules and adhere to staying within boundaries. Additionally, young people from local ethnic communities spend time together, becoming acquainted and discovering commonalities they share rather than focusing on their differences.  

Due to its relevance and significant achievements, the Teenagers’ Club has received funding from Vilnius City Municipality, and therefore the project will continue providing essential services for teenagers until 2024.