Students holding international exams in English Language can apply for the exemption from the Matura Exam in English Language.

Exemption applies to the following exams:

Exam Grade acceptable for exemption
IELTS 5.5 and above

Students who apply for the exemption and achieve one of the band scores listed above for their international exam will:

  • get grade 10 for their course credit (įskaita) in English. This score will be recorded in the Matura Certificate (Brandos atestatas)
  • have the statement ‘Atleistas’ in the score field for the National Matura exams in English in the Matura Certificate (Brandos atestatas).

Students who apply for bachelor degrees at Lithuanian universities should present their valid certificate of international exam at LAMA BPO data collection point. Credits achieved at the international exam will give the following score for the English Language:


IELTS result Score (%) for English when applying to Lithuanian universities
4 16
4.5 26
5 36
5.5 56
6 76
6.5 96
7 – 8 100
8.5 – 9 100

More information can be found here, or please contact the British Council by email or telephone + 370 614 04681.