Meet the previous national finalists and watch the presentations that got them there.

Marius Polianskis, winner, 2014

Marius was the final year medicine student at Vilnius University when he joined FameLab 2014 competition in Lithuania. Marius said: "I am interested in various interactions in the human body that are not easily noticeable, for example, hearing and renal failure. These relationships show that everything in our body is interconnected. Medicine, for me, is a perfect combination between science that you can do in the lab and science that affects common people like your neighbours." 

Violeta Araminaite, winner, 2013

Violeta is a doctoral student of medicine and public health at Vilnius University. She talked about the influence of water on the body during FameLab finals in Vilnius, 2013. She chose water filters as the topic of her presentation and by quoting research findings she proved that filtered water can even have harmful effects to the body. After her speech, one of judges said that he finally found a scientist who could speak about science so that everybody can understand.

Jurgita Kazlauske, winner, 2012

Jurga holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Technological Sciences. Now she is an Associated Professor at Kaunas Technological University. Jurga talked about the capacity of the body to clean itself from toxins during the FameLab finals in 2012. Jurga was fascinated about FameLab: she said that every young scientist should try to participate at FameLab. Jurga Kazlauske said that what she learnt there was invaluable and she could easily apply it at her lecturers and conferences. 

Justas Stašionis, winner, 2011

Justas Stašionis was a PhD student of Computer Engineering at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of Vilnius University in Lithuania when he participated in FameLab Lithuania, 2011. During the finals, he fascinated the audience by using drama, Shakespeare and romance to explain complicated math concepts.