Our global work in arts

Main photo credit: Mark Wallinger’s White Horse (2013) exhibited outside British Council Head Quarters, Spring Gardens, London. Image © Peter White

The British Council is a prominent organization that plays a crucial role in promoting arts and culture internationally. Through its work in the arts, the British Council fosters meaningful connections between artists, institutions, and audiences worldwide.

By curating diverse exhibitions, facilitating creative collaborations, and supporting artistic exchange programs, the British Council continues to enrich the global cultural landscape and celebrate the power of creativity as a universal language of expression. Its efforts have helped bridge cultural divides, inspire innovation, and cultivate mutual understanding between people of different backgrounds and traditions.

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Architecture, Design and Fashion

The Architecture, Design, Fashion team creates links between designers and cultural institutions around the world, through a diverse range of projects across the three disciplines.

Creative Economy

Find out more about the British Council’s work in Creative Economy to support our network of creative entrepreneurs, cultural leaders and policy makers and opportunities to get involved.


British Council Film links UK films and filmmakers to new international audiences, profiling the innovation, diversity and excellence of British films around the world and finding opportunities for creative exchange.


The British Council Literature site includes information about what we do, the projects that we work on, news from the UK Literature and publishing communities, a worldwide Festivals Directory and resources to work with contemporary British Literature in the classroom.


From electronica to jazz, traditional to folk, and classical to indie, we work across all genres of music. The Music team also has its own weekly radio show, The Selector, featuring the best new music from the UK.

Theatre and Dance

We promote the best of the UK’s performing arts sector through a range of activities and events including tours of new productions, workshops and residencies, seminars and conferences, showcases and UK study visits for overseas practitioners. The website of our Theatre and Dance team provides more information.

Visual arts

We promote British visual arts through a range of activities and events including touring exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and conferences.