Applied theater project



The goal of the project is to bring together people of different backgrounds by encouraging participation in project activities and engaging in a joint dialogue on the concept of home.

The idea behind the Home project is to train professional artists in applied theatre techniques. The artists equipped with new methods and tools go back to their home town schools and work with pupils from these schools to discover what home is to their local communities.

In 2018, project activities were carried out in several regions of Lithuania: Šalčininkai, Klaipėda, Radviliškis, Visaginas, and Juodšiliai, where artistic research about the community and the theme of the project was implemented. The project has helped to bring the local people closer together and enabled young students to work independently and gain an understanding of what it means to be a socially active citizen.

So far, the project trained 8 artists who worked with 13 schools and 168 pupils. 8 theatre performances were created by each school and attended by the school and wider communities in each town.