During the art symposium, which is being held annually, artists from the United Kingdom and the United States, together with local volunteers, are creating the architectural landscape of Marijampolė, giving new meaning and perspective to old buildings, parks and squares. This annual event has become a cultural cornerstone in Marijampole, transforming the town into a vibrant hub of contemporary art. The festival also promotes community building, volunteering and access to art.

The Malonny symposium was first initiated in 2014 by Ray Bartkus, a Lithuanian-American artist known for his impactful and thought-provoking works. Bartkus envisioned creating a platform where local and international artists could collaborate, share ideas, and bring new artistic perspectives to Marijampole. Over the years, the symposium has grown significantly, attracting artists, art enthusiasts, and tourists from around the world.

During the symposium, 2024, the town was graced with 6 new artworks, and one of the participating artists was Will Teather, a lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts (United Kingdom), known for his critically thought-provoking and visually striking installations exploring the themes of perception, memory, and the passing of time. 

Malonny has had a profound impact on the town, contributing to its cultural and social rejuvenation. The symposium has turned the town into an open-air gallery, attracting tourists and enhancing the local economy. Additionally, it has fostered a sense of pride and identity among residents, making contemporary art accessible and relevant to the community.