Olga Posaskova

A joint British Council's and British embassy in Vilnius event "Model NATO Youth Summit" took place in June, 2023 in the Lithuanian Parliament with facilitation of Professor Max Webber and his team of post graduate students from the University of Birmingham. 

Model NATO, a popular event in many countries, is a simulation of the NATO summit, during which event participants have the opportunity to get to know the organisation, its activities and the decision-making process in a very practical way. Moderated by the professional trainers, "Model NATO" participants represent their assigned countries and participate in realistic situations that NATO members face every day when making defense-related decisions. The students proved enthusiastic and determined negotiators, each representing one of the 32 NATO member states and imminent member state Sweden. 

Model NATO Youth Summit, held in Lithuanian Parliament was attended by 100 students (aged 16 – 18) from different Lithuanian and international schools.  Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Chair of Defence Committee and Speaker of Parliament all addressed the Summit and welcomed the participants.