Implementing local organization – The Duke of Edinburgh‘s International Award Lietuva 

Programme start year – 2017 

Since 2016, British Council and The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award programme (DofE) collaborates in organizing various projects for 14-19-year-olds currently studying in Lithuanian schools.

The first project 3D Youth: Do it brave now aimed to encourage young people to identify social problems, existing in their surroundings (e.g., libraries, kindergartens, orphanages, old people homes or city parks, forests, lakes and so on.) and come up with the solution. Youngsters were encouraged to work in small teams with a supervision of professionals, together implementing social action projects. The results were:

- 30 initiatives implemented by young people which involved more than 260 people from the local communities. 

- 20 youngsters trained and learned how to identify their strengths, weaknesses and characteristics, which they would like to improve in the future; how to practice team-work, decision-making, time-planning skills; how to identify the reasons for social challenges.

The second and an on-going project Public speaking training for youth is focused on building youngsters’ confidence in public speaking and encouraging critical thinking. Through various tasks and games young people study topics that are relevant to society: volunteering, digitization and robotics, social exclusion, multilingualism, urbanization, cultural diversity, etc. Young people work not only individually on their chosen topic, but collaborate in team composed of students from different geographical regions of Lithuania. 

With the help of these trainings young people gain communication, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration competencies. As a result, trainings for youth help young people to develop competences needed for the real-life situations and also increase collaboration between different schools and their communities.