Implementing local organization – Kūrybinės jungtys

Programme start year – 2016 

The Art of Curiosity: partnerships for Creative Schools is built on the principles and experience gained through Creative Partnerships, the UK’s large-scale education programme focused on finding creative approaches to learning at school. The programme engages students, teachers and the wider school community in continuous partnerships with creative professionals from a wide range of arts, culture and science areas. 

In Lithuania, the programme focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving, in addition to how to expand opportunities for teachers and increase school-to-school collaborations. Each participating school develops a unique creative learning project, which responds to a real challenge and active potential of their community. The programme’s activities are immersed in everyday classroom practice and are based on the principles of experiential, all-inclusive and creative learning. 

The Art of Curiosity: partnerships for Creative Schools programme’s goals are:

  •   To offer students a learning process which develops their skills, such as: 

 - critical thinking and problem-solving
 - creativity and imagination
 - collaboration and communication
 - student leadership and personal development

  •  To strengthen teachers’ competences in developing creative learning approaches and methods 

During this programme all the participants have gained experience in addressing challenges they encounter at their schools. They also increased the motivation and skills needed in their learning processes, extended their partnership networks, both on institutional and individual levels. The project has been particularly beneficial for young students who wish to widen their knowledge on what is possible in terms of personal and professional development and future career choices. 

Since its implementation in 2016, the programme has influenced more than 5000 people from school communities in Lithuania: students, teachers, school administration and parents. The programme has already been implemented in 30 schools across Lithuania delivering a wide range of results, including:

- more than 3000 students have increased their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by working intensively with the project team and their teachers

- around 2000 teachers have gained professional development and workplace opportunities by engaging in the Teachers’ club at schools

- 50 creative practitioners have been trained to deliver educational workshops to students and teachers on 21 century skills.