Dovile Markeviciene photo

Partner – Vilnius Social Club

Location – Naujininkai district of Vilnius

Since 2019

The Vilnius Social Club has been active since 2019 in the Naujininkai district of Vilnius, which has a high incidence of social and economic issues including poverty, youth unemployment and social exclusion. In response to these challenges, the Teenagers’ Club project was initiated by a group of volunteers from the Vilnius Social Club team to provide a safe space for young people aged 12 to 15 years who face social exclusion and challenges at school or at home, while lacking basic literacy or social skills.

The Teenagers’ Club meets three times per week for three-hour sessions, where over one year social workers engage with a group of around ten young people. By participating in common activities such as the preparation of meals, organising trips and playing games, the young people have learned to communicate with one another, build relationships, resolve conflicts, respect rules and stay within established boundaries. Young people are provided with a safe space to spend time together, become acquainted and, since often hailing from different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, discover the commonalities they share rather than focusing on their differences. Additionally, a football club has been established by Vilnius Social Club in Naujininkai district as an additional tool to keep young people from the streets. 

To further support socially vulnerable families in the area, the teenagers from Vilnius Social Club have also been participating in food bank activities since 2021, where they pack and deliver items to those in need. The Teenagers’ Club project has received funding from Vilnius City Municipality, thus enabling the project to continue providing essential services for young people.

During the project:

6 social workers have been active on the streets of Naujininkai district, aiming to encourage young people’s participation in the club’s activities

Over 40 teenagers from socially and economically vulnerable backgrounds have become involved in various project activities, promoting their confidence and social engagement, as well as the building of relationships and conflict management

Over 70 teenagers have participated annually in football activities