Discussion Festival "Būtent!" ©

Donatas Zvirblis photo

Partner – Visos idėjos 

Location – Birštonas

Since 2017

Būtent (Eng. “Exactly”) is an open, non-political discussion festival that takes place in the town of Birštonas in central Lithuania. It is an annual event that draws thinkers, innovators and leaders from various fields to discuss and debate contemporary social, cultural and political issues. The festival receives around 8,000 visitors from throughout Lithuania each year, and aims to provide a platform for open and constructive dialogue where the participants can exchange ideas, challenge assumptions and explore innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. Būtent also seeks to foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking among the Lithuanian public, thus representing an annual assembly of individuals from the political, business, academic, cultural and non-governmental sectors, among others, where they discuss the most pertinent topics regarding the development of the state, whilst sharing ideas and forging new collaborations.

The initiative to hold a discussion festival in Lithuania was inspired by the examples of Democracy festivals held throughout the Scandinavian countries, as well as in Latvia and Estonia. The Būtent festival’s programme consists of a variety of events that include panel discussions, lectures, workshops and artistic performances. A broad range of topics are discussed at the festival that range from technology and innovation to social justice and human rights. In addition to the discussions and debates, the festival also features various cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions that showcase Lithuania’s diverse artistic and cultural values.

Overall, the Būtent festival is a unique and exciting event that brings together some of the brightest minds from Lithuania and beyond to engage in meaningful conversations about the most pressing issues of our time, encouraging the participants to meaningfully participate in democratic society, build trust and positive perspectives among diverse communities, and connect institutions with diverse communities to develop social cohesion.