English Through Media Literacy  ©

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Partner –- Lithuanian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language 

Location – Throughout Lithuania

Since 2022

The English Through Media Literacy project aimed to design and present an English language course to high-school subject teachers in vulnerable regions of Lithuania. The goal was to equip the participants not only with English language skills, but also the tools and knowledge to develop media literacy and resilience-to-disinformation skills.

Over 140 subject teachers attended English classes during the project, which covered both general and media literacy-related topics for a total of more than 100 contact hours. The lessons included a number of general topics such as travel, culture and arts; however, the main focus was placed on media literacy themes including the analysis of media messages, recognising fake news, developing critical thinking and resilience to disinformation. These competencies not only rendered the participants more resilient to disinformation and propaganda, which often has a significant presence in non-Lithuanian-speaking regions of the country, but also raised awareness regarding equality, human rights and justice as key issues of modern society, underscoring their potential as positive forces of change in such communities.

This integrated English language course enabled the participants to develop English and media literacy skills, thus facilitating their meaningful participation in democratic society and collaborating on common agendas, while building trust and positive perspectives. 

During the project:

Over 140 teachers participated in the English language classes, which comprised of more than 100 contact hours 

The participants significantly improved their English language skills and enhanced their confidence in its use for both personal and professional purposes

Improved media literacy skills were demonstrated by the participants, with the expressed intention of including these into their curricula and disseminating the new knowledge with their fellow teachers