"Future Heroes" Leadership Programme ©

K. Kantautas photo

Partner – WOW University

Location – Throughout Lithuania

Since 2021

The Future Heroes project was a growth mindset-driven leadership and business accelerator programme for 13–17-year-old girls in Lithuania, designed to help them unlock their potential and create a positive impact. The project was comprised of skills workshops that were all held in English and were free of charge. Over four months, the female teenagers were able to test their strengths and enhance their skills, while engaging in a unique opportunity to develop and present their first business ideas.

The project aimed to provide the participants with access to opportunities in leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as to empower self-growth. A further goal was to strengthen social cohesion – the girls were selected from different regions across Lithuania, from large as well as small towns, while equal opportunity to participate was promoted due to the absence of any application fees.

By training teenage girls in leadership and entrepreneurship, the Future Heroes project intended to unlock their potential, and therefore create a positive impact by contributing to gender equality in the professional domain and increase the number of women in decision-making positions, business start-ups and innovations. The project consisted of eight workshops, mentorship sessions and discussions with inspirational leaders on the topics of problem-solving, financial literacy, fundraising, digital impact and media literacy – all focused on providing the girls with an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship and the steps necessary for founding a business with a strong cause. A mentor was provided for each team of girls in order to help develop a business idea or a social initiative that had a particular emphasis on the UN Sustainability Goals such as well-being, reduced inequalities and climate action, which would then be pitched at the final event. 

By training teenage girls, the Future Heroes project made an impact on strengthening social cohesion, reducing gender inequality and empowering young women to take on decision-making roles in the future. This project helped the participants create bonds of sisterhood and experience the power and opportunities that come from developing strong and diverse teams, while providing them with the required tools to pursue a career as a change leader in their chosen fields.

During the project:

More than 100 girls aged 13 to 17 participated in the project

Over 15 coaching sessions with mentors were held

30 coaches and inspirational speakers trained the participants

The project participants reported improved media literacy, critical thinking, digital citizenship and female leadership skills