Implementing local organization – the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania

Programme start year – 2017 

Sport is a great tool for the transformation and development of personal skills. Sport helps to forge ties between different social and cultural groups, brings people joy and has a social and cultural value in many communities. Therefore, sport is a great way for children and teenagers in helping them overcome everyday challenges, and teachers all around the globe use sport as a means in their everyday teaching. 

The Dreams & Teams project aims to develop the skills that are relevant in the 21st century: critical thinking and problem-solving, communication and collaboration, creativity, public spirit, leadership, personal growth and teamwork skills through sport. Sport also requires participants to follow certain rules, standards of behaviour and to respect the values that it promotes. This project brings teachers and pupils of different schools together for training sessions that take place throughout the academic year. The Dreams & Teams final event is then organised by the pupils who have gained the necessary training and support. The event brings together the schools as well as the wider Klaipėda community and has a very well-established brand across the city.  

Since 2017 the British Council Lithuania and the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania have organised the Dreams & Teams project in Klaipėda, which has already engaged:

-  60 teachers who have gained new skills on youth empowerment and mentoring

- 160 young leaders – pupils aged 13-16 – who have developed their personality, leadership and creativity skills, as well as becoming more active within the school environment  

- 1700 school community members who have developed their network and cooperation between educators, young leaders and school communities.

The vision of the Dreams & Teams project is sustainable cooperation between the schools of Klaipėda. Each year between 12 and 15 schools join the project. About half of them are Lithuanian and half of the Russian schools.

As the project’s partners – the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania president Daina Gudzinevičiūtė has said, “Education through sport and physical activity is a great tool for nurturing future leaders and strengthening communities. We appreciate our partnership with the British Council Lithuania and hope that the joint project will be successful and beneficial to the Klaipėda region."